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Help Stop Sudden Cardiac Death

Get Your School Designated ‘Heart Safe’

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Is your school heart safe?

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Get Designated as “Heart Safe School”

Administrators – Get your school designated as a “Heart Safe School”

A Vision for Heart Safe Schools

The West Virginia Heart Safe Schools Project was developed by the Pediatric Sudden Cardiac Death (SCD) Committee (a subcommittee of the Emergency Medical Services for Children Advisory Committee) in conjunction with the West Virginia Chapter of the American Academy of Pediatrics, the Section of Pediatric Cardiology of the WVU Medicine Children’s Hospital, the Maura Rae Kul AED Foundation, the Matt Velez Save a Life Foundation and the Live Like Caleb Foundation to improve the overall safety of children and adolescents in West Virginia.

We aim to accomplish this by reducing SCD in the school-aged population by standardization and expansion of school-based Automated External Defibrillator (AED) programs and SCD risk assessment of all school-aged children. Timely cardiac defibrillation is the most effective means of aborting SCD. An Automated External Defibrillator (AED) is a portable device that delivers an electrical shock to persons in a lethal cardiac arrhythmia. AEDs are accurate, effective and easy to use. Of course, recognition of those at greatest risk of SCD and treating or decreasing that risk will mitigate the need for emergent lifesaving maneuvers. Identification of causes of SCD through personal and family history, physical exam, and electrocardiography (12 lead ECG) are means of SCD prevention.


How you can help

Is your school designated heart safe?

Check to see if your school is designated as heart safe and if not, speak to your local team about becoming HSS designated.  

How does the WVHSSP help?

  • AED education and purchase
  • CPR training for team members
  • Education about SCA and HSS designation

We Can Make a Difference

Heart safe schools save lives with early…

      • Recognition of Sudden Cardiac Arrest (SCA)
      • Access to 911
      • CPR
      • Defibrillation
      • Advanced Care

Get Designated Heart Safe

Is your child at risk of sudden cardiac death?

Download the risk assessment form and the life you save may be your child’s… or your own!

“My nephew, Frankie, died at age 13 while running to the school bus one morning. My daughter was then diagnosed with LQTS and has been taking medication for several years. ~ Patti”