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AEDs in West Virginia Schools

AEDs in West Virginia Schools

Does your school have enough AEDs?

An automated external defibrillator (AED) is defined by  Merriam Webster as a portable electronic device that attaches to the chest and operates automatically to measure the heart’s rhythm to determine if an electric shock is needed. It is designed to be used by someone without medical training.

Does your school have an AED or enough AEDs? The below list is sorted by county and school. Please find your school to learn more about the heart safety equipment in your school.  

Disclaimer: If you believe this information to be incorrect, please notify us

Number of AEDs per School in West Virginia

by County and School

County/District School Name # of AEDs
Barbour Belington Elementary 1
Barbour Belington Middle School 1
Barbour Junior Elementary 1
Barbour Kasson Elementary/Middle School 1
Barbour Philip Barbour High School Complex 2
Barbour Philippi Elementary School 1
Barbour Philippi Middle School 1
Berkeley Academic Learning Center 1
Berkeley Back Creek Valley Elementary School 1
Berkeley Bedington Elementary School 1
Berkeley Berkeley Heights Elementary School 1
Berkeley Bunker Hill Elementary School 1
Berkeley Burke Street Elementary School 1
Berkeley Eagle School Intermediate 1
Berkeley Gerrardstown Elementary School 1
Berkeley Hedgesville Elementary School 1
Berkeley Hedgesville High School 5
Berkeley Hedgesville Middle School 2
Berkeley Inwood Primary School 1
Berkeley Marlowe Elementary School 1
Berkeley Martinsburg High School 4
Berkeley Martinsburg North Middle School 2
Berkeley Martinsburg South Middle School 3
Berkeley Mill Creek Intermediate School 1
Berkeley Mountain Ridge Intermediate School 1
Berkeley Mountain Ridge Middle School 2
Berkeley Musselman High School 6
Berkeley Musselman Middle School 3
Berkeley Opequon Elementary School 1
Berkeley Orchard View Intermediate School 1
Berkeley Pikeside Learning Center 1
Berkeley Potomack Intermediate School 1
Berkeley Ramer Center 1
Berkeley Rosemont Elementary School 1
Berkeley Spring Mills High School 4
Berkeley Spring Mills Middle School 2
Berkeley Spring Mills Primary 1
Berkeley Tomahawk Intermediate School 1
Berkeley Tuscarora Elementary School 1
Berkeley Valley View Elementary School 1
Berkeley Winchester Avenue Elementary School 1
Boone Ashford-Rumble Elementary School 1
Boone Brookview Elementary 1
Boone Madison Elementary 1
Boone Madison Middle School 1
Boone Ramage Elementary School 1
Boone Scott High School 2
Boone Sherman Elementary School 1
Boone Sherman High School 2
Boone Sherman Junior High School 1
Boone Van Elementary School 1
Boone Van Junior/Senior High School 2
Boone Whitesville Elementary School 1
Braxton Braxton County High School 2
Braxton Braxton County Middle School 1
Braxton Burnsville Elementary School 1
Braxton Davis Elementary School 1
Braxton Flatwoods Elementary School 1
Braxton Frametown Elementary School 1
Braxton Little Birch Elementary School 1
Braxton Sutton Elementary School 1
Brooke Brooke High School 5
Brooke Brooke Middle School 3
Brooke Franklin Primary School 1
Brooke Hooverson Heights Primary School 1
Brooke Jefferson Primary School 1
Brooke Lauretta B Millsop Primary School 1
Brooke Wellsburg Primary School 1
Cabell Altizer Elementary School 1
Cabell Barboursville Middle School 1
Cabell Cabell Alternative School 1
Cabell Cabell Couhty Career Technical Center 1
Cabell Cabell Midland High School 2
Cabell Central City Elementary School 1
Cabell Cox Landing Elementary School 1
Cabell Culloden Elementary School 2
Cabell Davis Creek Elementary School 1
Cabell Explorer Academy 1
Cabell Guyandotte Elementary School 1
Cabell Highlawn Elementary School 1
Cabell Hite Saunders Elementary School 1
Cabell Huntington East Middle School 2
Cabell Huntington High School 1
Cabell Huntington Middle School 1
Cabell Martha Elementary School 1
Cabell Meadows Elementary School 1
Cabell Milton Elementary School 2
Cabell Milton Middle School 2
Cabell Milton Pre-K 1
Cabell Nichols Elementary School 1
Cabell Ona Elementary School 2
Cabell Salt Rock Elementary School 1
Cabell Southside Elementary 1
Cabell Spring Hill Elementary School 1
Cabell Village of Barboursville Elementary Sch. 1
Calhoun Arnoldsburg School 2
Calhoun Calhoun Middle/High School 4
Calhoun Calhoun/Gilmer Career Center 0
Calhoun Pleasant Hill School 2
Clay Big Otter Elementary School 1
Clay Clay County High School 2
Clay Clay Elementary School 1
Clay Clay Middle School 1
Clay H E White Elementary School 1
Clay Lizemore Elementary School 1
Doddridge Doddridge County Elementary School 1
Doddridge Doddridge County High School 2
Doddridge Doddridge County Middle School 1
Doddridge Doddridge County Preschool Center 1
Fayette Ansted Elementary 1
Fayette Collins Middle School 3
Fayette Divide Elementary School 1
Fayette Fayetteville Elementary School 2
Fayette Fayetteville High School 2
Fayette Gatewood Elementary School 1
Fayette Gauley Bridge Elementary School 1
Fayette Meadow Bridge Elementary School 1
Fayette Meadow Bridge High School 3
Fayette Midland Trail High School 2
Fayette Mount Hope Elementary School 1
Fayette New River Elementary 2
Fayette Oak Hill High School 3
Fayette Rosedale Elementary School 1
Fayette Valley Elementary School 1
Fayette Valley High School 4
Gilmer Gilmer County Elementary School 2
Gilmer Gilmer County High School 2
Grant Maysville Elementary School 1
Grant Petersburg Elementary School 1
Grant Petersburg High School 1
Grant South Branch Career & Technical Center 1
Grant Union Educational Complex 1
Greenbrier Alderson Elementary School 1
Greenbrier Crichton Elementary 1
Greenbrier Eastern Greenbrier Middle School 1
Greenbrier Frankford School 1
Greenbrier Greenbrier East High School 1
Greenbrier Greenbrier West High School 1
Greenbrier Lewisburg Elementary School 1
Greenbrier Rainelle Elementary 1
Greenbrier Ronceverte Elementary School 1
Greenbrier Rupert Elementary 1
Greenbrier Smoot Elementary 1
Greenbrier Western Greenbrier Middle School 1
Greenbrier White Sulphur Elementary School 1
Hampshire Augusta Elementary School 1
Hampshire Capon Bridge Elementary School 1
Hampshire Capon Bridge Middle School 1
Hampshire Hampshire Senior High School 1
Hampshire John J. Cornwell School 1
Hampshire Romney Elementary School 1
Hampshire Romney Middle School 6
Hampshire Slanesville Elementary School 1
Hampshire Springfield-Green Spring Elementary Sch 1
Hancock A. T. Allison Elementary School 1
Hancock JDR Career Center 3
Hancock New Manchester Elementary School 1
Hancock Oak Glen High School 1
Hancock Oak Glen Middle School 1
Hancock Weir High School 1
Hancock Weir Middle School 1
Hancock Weirton Elementary 3
Hardy East Hardy Early/Middle School 1
Hardy East Hardy High School 3
Hardy Moorefield Elementary School 1
Hardy Moorefield High School 1
Hardy Moorefield Intermediate School 1
Hardy Moorefield Middle School 1
Harrison Adamston Elementary School 1
Harrison Big Elm Elementary School 1
Harrison Bridgeport High School 1
Harrison Bridgeport Middle School 1
Harrison Harrison County Transitional High School 1
Harrison Johnson Elementary School 1
Harrison Liberty High School 1
Harrison Lincoln High School 1
Harrison Lost Creek Elementary School 1
Harrison Lumberport Elementary School 1
Harrison Lumberport Middle School 1
Harrison Mountaineer Middle School 1
Harrison North View Elementary School 1
Harrison Norwood Elementary School 1
Harrison Nutter Fort Intermediate School 1
Harrison Nutter Fort Primary School 1
Harrison Robert C. Byrd High School 1
Harrison Salem Elementary 1
Harrison Simpson Elementary School 1
Harrison South Harrison High School 1
Harrison South Harrison Middle School 1
Harrison United High School 0
Harrison Washington-Irving Middle School 1
Harrison West Milford Elementary School 1
Harrison Wilsonburg Elementary School 1
Jackson Cottageville Elementary School 1
Jackson Evans Elementary School 1
Jackson Fairplain Elementary School 1
Jackson Gilmore Elementary School 1
Jackson Henry J Kaiser Elementary School 1
Jackson Kenna Elementary School 1
Jackson Ravenswood Grade School 1
Jackson Ravenswood High School 4
Jackson Ravenswood Middle School 2
Jackson Ripley Elementary School 1
Jackson Ripley High School 6
Jackson Ripley Middle School 3
Jefferson Blue Ridge Elementary School 1
Jefferson Blue Ridge Primary 1
Jefferson C.W. Shipley Elementary School 1
Jefferson Charles Town Middle School 2
Jefferson Driswood Elementary School 1
Jefferson Harpers Ferry Middle School 3
Jefferson Jefferson High School 4
Jefferson Martin Delaney Opportunity Learning Center 1
Jefferson North Jefferson Elementary 1
Jefferson Page Jackson Elementary 1
Jefferson Ranson Elementary School 1
Jefferson Shepherdstown Elementary School 1
Jefferson Shepherdstown Middle School 2
Jefferson South Jefferson Elementary School 1
Jefferson T A Lowery Elementary School 2
Jefferson Washington High School 4
Jefferson Wildwood Middle School 3
Jefferson Wright Denny Intermediate School 1
Kanawha Alban Elementary School 1
Kanawha Alum Creek Elementary School 0
Kanawha Andrew Jackson Middle School 0
Kanawha Andrews Heights Elementary School 0
Kanawha Anne Bailey Elementary School 1
Kanawha Belle Elementary School 0
Kanawha Ben Franklin Vocational Center 1
Kanawha Bridge Elementary School 0
Kanawha Bridgeview Elementary School 0
Kanawha Capital High School 1
Kanawha Cedar Grove Elementary School 0
Kanawha Cedar Grove Middle School 1
Kanawha Central Elementary School 0
Kanawha Chamberlain Elementary School 1
Kanawha Chandler Academy 0
Kanawha Chesapeake Elementary School 0
Kanawha Clendenin Elementary School 0
Kanawha Cross Lanes Elementary School 0
Kanawha Du Pont Middle School 0
Kanawha Dunbar Intermediate Center 0
Kanawha Dunbar Middle School 0
Kanawha Dunbar Primary Center 0
Kanawha East Bank Middle School 0
Kanawha Edgewood Elementary 1
Kanawha Elk Elementary Center 0
Kanawha Elkview Middle School 1
Kanawha Flinn Elementary School 0
Kanawha George C. Weimer Elementary School 0
Kanawha George Washington High School 2
Kanawha Grandview Elementary School 0
Kanawha Hayes Middle School 1
Kanawha Herbert Hoover High School 2
Kanawha Holz Elementary School 1
Kanawha Horace Mann Middle School 1
Kanawha John Adams Middle School 1
Kanawha Kanawha City Elementary School 0
Kanawha Kenna Elementary School 0
Kanawha Lakewood Elementary School 0
Kanawha Malden Elementary School 0
Kanawha Marmet Elementary School 0
Kanawha Mary Ingles Elementary School 0
Kanawha McKinley Middle School 0
Kanawha Midland Trail Elementary School 0
Kanawha Montrose Elementary School 0
Kanawha Nitro Elementary School 0
Kanawha Nitro High School 1
Kanawha Overbrook Elementary School 0
Kanawha Piedmont Year-Round Education 0
Kanawha Pinch Elementary School 0
Kanawha Point Harmony Elementary School 0
Kanawha Pratt Elementary School 0
Kanawha Raglan Center 0
Kanawha Richmond Elementary School 0
Kanawha Riverside High School 2
Kanawha Ruffner Elementary School 0
Kanawha Ruthlawn Elementary School 0
Kanawha Saint Albans High School 1
Kanawha Sharon Dawes Elementary School 0
Kanawha Shoals Elementary School 0
Kanawha Sissonville Elementary School 0
Kanawha Sissonville High School 1
Kanawha Sissonville Middle School 1
Kanawha South Charleston High School 1
Kanawha South Charleston Middle School 2
Kanawha Stonewall Jackson Middle School 1
Kanawha Weberwood Elementary School 0
Kanawha West Side Elementary School 0
Lewis Jane Lew Elementary School 2
Lewis Leading Creek Elementary 4
Lewis Lewis County High School 4
Lewis Peterson-Central Elementary School 1
Lewis Roanoke Elementary School 1
Lewis Robert L. Bland Middle School 5
Lincoln Duval PK-8 2
Lincoln Guyan Valley Middle School 2
Lincoln Hamlin PK-8 2
Lincoln Harts PK-08 1
Lincoln Lincoln County High School 1
Lincoln Midway Elementary School 1
Lincoln Ranger Elementary School 2
Lincoln West Hamlin Elementary School 1
Logan Buffalo Elementary School 1
Logan Chapmanville East Elementary School 1
Logan Chapmanville Middle School 1
Logan Chapmanville Regional High School 1
Logan Holden Central Elementary School 1
Logan Hugh Dingess Elementary School 1
Logan Justice Elementary School 1
Logan Logan Elementary School 1
Logan Logan Middle School 1
Logan Logan Senior High School 1
Logan Man Elementary School 1
Logan Man Middle School 1
Logan Man Senior High School 1
Logan Omar Elementary School 1
Logan South Man Elementary School 1
Logan Verdunville Elementary School 1
Logan West Chapmanville Elementary School 1
Marion Barnes 1
Marion Barrackville Elementary/Middle School 1
Marion Blackshere Elementary School 1
Marion East Dale Elementary School 2
Marion East Fairmont High School 3
Marion East Fairmont Junior High School 3
Marion East Park Elementary School 1
Marion Fairmont Senior High School 3
Marion Fairview Elementary School 1
Marion Fairview Middle School 1
Marion Jayenne Elementary School 1
Marion Mannington Middle School 2
Marion Marion County Adult & Community Educaiton Center 1
Marion Monongah Elementary School 1
Marion Monongah Middle School 1
Marion North Marion High School 2
Marion Pleasant Valley Elementary School 1
Marion Rivesville Elementary/Middle School 2
Marion Technical Center 1
Marion Watson Elementary School 1
Marion West Fairmont Middle School 1
Marion White Hall Elementary School 1
Marshall Cameron Elementary School 1
Marshall Cameron High School 6
Marshall Center McMechen Elementary School 1
Marshall Central Elementary School 1
Marshall Gateway Achievement Center 1
Marshall Glen Dale Elementary School 1
Marshall Hilltop Elementary School 2
Marshall John Marshall High School 7
Marshall McNinch Primary School 2
Marshall Moundsville Middle School 2
Marshall Sand Hill Elementary School 1
Marshall Sherrard Middle School 3
Marshall Washington Lands Elementary School 1
Mason Ashton Elementary School 1
Mason Beale Elementary School 1
Mason Hannan High School 2
Mason Leon Elementary School 1
Mason Mason County School for Success 1
Mason New Haven Elementary School 1
Mason Point Pleasant Junior/Senior High School 2
Mason Pt. Pleasant Intermediate 1
Mason Pt. Pleasant Primary 1
Mason Roosevelt Elementary School 1
Mason Wahama High School 2
Mason Mason County Career Center 1
McDowell Anawalt Elementary School 1
McDowell Bradshaw Elementary School 1
McDowell Fall River Elementary School 1
McDowell Iaeger Elementary School 1
McDowell Kimball Elementary School 1
McDowell McDowell County Vocational School 1
McDowell Mount View High School 2
McDowell River View High School 2
McDowell Sandy River Middle School 1
McDowell Southside K-8 1
McDowell Welch Elementary School 1
Mercer Athens School 1
Mercer Bluefield High School 1
Mercer Bluefield Intermediate 0
Mercer Bluefield Middle School 1
Mercer Bluewell Elementary School 0
Mercer Brushfork Elementary School 1
Mercer Ceres Elementary School 0
Mercer Cumberland Heights Early Learning Center 0
Mercer Glenwood School 1
Mercer Lashmeet/Matoaka School 0
Mercer Melrose Elementary School 1
Mercer Memorial Elementary School 0
Mercer Mercer County Technical Education Center 1
Mercer Mercer Elementary School 1
Mercer Montcalm Elementary School 0
Mercer Montcalm High School 1
Mercer Oakvale School 2
Mercer Pikeview High School 2
Mercer Pikeview Middle School 2
Mercer Princeton Middle School 1
Mercer Princeton Primary 1
Mercer Princeton Senior High School 1
Mercer Silver Springs Early Learning Center 1
Mercer Spanishburg School 0
Mercer Straley Elementary School 0
Mercer Sun Valley Elementary School 1
Mercer Whitethorn Elementary School 0
Mineral Burlington Primary School 1
Mineral Elk Garden School 1
Mineral Fort Ashby Primary School 1
Mineral Fountain Primary School 1
Mineral Frankfort High School 6
Mineral Frankfort Intermediate School 1
Mineral Frankfort Middle School 2
Mineral Keyser High School 5
Mineral Keyser Middle School 2
Mineral Keyser Primary School 2
Mineral Mineral County Alternative School 1
Mineral New Creek Primary School 1
Mineral Wiley Ford Primary School 1
Mingo Burch Middle School 0
Mingo Dingess Elementary School 0
Mingo Gilbert PK-8 0
Mingo Kermit Area School (K-8) 0
Mingo Lenore K-8 School 1
Mingo Matewan PK-8 0
Mingo Mingo Central Comprehensive High School 2
Mingo Mingo Extended Learning Center 0
Mingo Tug Valley High School 1
Mingo Williamson PK-8 1
Monongalia Brookhaven Elementary 1
Monongalia Cheat Lake Elementary School 1
Monongalia Clay-Battelle High School 1
Monongalia Eastwood Elementary School 1
Monongalia Mason-Dixon Elementary 1
Monongalia Morgantown High School 2
Monongalia Mountaineer Middle School 1
Monongalia Mountainview Elementary 1
Monongalia Mylan Park Elementary 1
Monongalia North Elementary School 1
Monongalia Ridgedale Elementary 1
Monongalia Skyview Elementary 1
Monongalia South Middle School 1
Monongalia Suncrest Middle School 1
Monongalia Suncrest Primary 1
Monongalia University High School 2
Monongalia Westwood Middle School 1
Monroe James Monroe High School 2
Monroe Mountain View Elementary and Middle 1
Monroe Peterstown Elementary 1
Monroe Peterstown Middle School 2
Morgan Berkeley Springs High School 1
Morgan Paw Paw Elementary School 1
Morgan Paw Paw High School 1
Morgan Pleasant View Elementary School 1
Morgan Warm Springs Intermediate School 1
Morgan Warm Springs Middle School 1
Morgan Widmyer Elementary School 1
Nicholas Birch River Elementary School 1
Nicholas Cherry River Elementary School 1
Nicholas Gauley River Elementary School 1
Nicholas Glade Creek Elementary School 1
Nicholas Mt Lookout Elementary School 1
Nicholas Mt Nebo Elementary School 1
Nicholas Nicholas County High School 2
Nicholas Panther Creek Elementary School 1
Nicholas Richwood High School 2
Nicholas Richwood Middle School 2
Nicholas Summersville Elementary School 1
Nicholas Summersville Middle School 2
Nicholas Zela Elementary School 1
Ohio Bethlehem Elementary School 0
Ohio Bridge Street Middle School 1
Ohio Elm Grove Elementary School 2
Ohio Madison Elementary School 1
Ohio Middle Creek Elementary School 1
Ohio Ritchie Elementary School 1
Ohio Steenrod Elementary School 1
Ohio Triadelphia Middle School 2
Ohio Warwood School 2
Ohio West Liberty Elementary School 1
Ohio Wheeling Middle School 1
Ohio Wheeling Park High School 7
Ohio Woodsdale Elementary School 2
Pendleton Brandywine Elementary School 1
Pendleton Franklin Elementary School 2
Pendleton North Fork Elementary School 2
Pendleton Pendleton County Middle/High School 4
Pleasants Belmont Elementary 1
Pleasants Mid Ohio Valley Technical Insitute 2
Pleasants Pleasants County Middle School 2
Pleasants St Marys Elementary 2
Pleasants St Marys High School 2
Pocahontas Green Bank Elementary/Middle School 1
Pocahontas Hillsboro Elementary School 1
Pocahontas Marlinton Elementary School 1
Pocahontas Marlinton Middle School 1
Pocahontas Pocahontas County High School 2
Pocahontas School Days Child Care 0
Preston Aurora Elementary 1
Preston Bruceton School 2
Preston Central Preston Middle School 1
Preston Fellowsville Elementary 0
Preston Kingwood Elementary 1
Preston Preston High School 4
Preston Rowlesburg School 1
Preston South Preston School 2
Preston Terra Alta/East Preston 2
Preston West Preston School 0
Putnam Buffalo Elementary School 1
Putnam Buffalo High School 2
Putnam Confidence Elementary School 1
Putnam Conner Street Elementary School 1
Putnam Eastbrook Elementary School 1
Putnam George Washington Elementary School 1
Putnam George Washington Middle School 2
Putnam Hometown Elementary School 1
Putnam Hurricane High School 3
Putnam Hurricane Middle School 2
Putnam Hurricane Town Elementary School 1
Putnam Lakeside Elementary School 1
Putnam Mountain View Elementary School 1
Putnam Poca Elementary School 1
Putnam Poca High School 3
Putnam Poca Middle School 2
Putnam Rock Branch Elementary School 1
Putnam Scott Teays Elementary School 1
Putnam West Teays Annex (Alternative Learning) 1
Putnam West Teays Elementary School 1
Putnam Winfield Elementary School 3
Putnam Winfield High School 3
Putnam Winfield Middle School 2
Raleigh Academy of Careers and Technology 2
Raleigh Beckley Elementary School 1
Raleigh Beckley-Stratton Middle School 2
Raleigh Bradley Elementary School 1
Raleigh Clear Fork District Elementary 1
Raleigh Coal City Elementary 1
Raleigh Cranberry-Prosperity Elementary 1
Raleigh Crescent Elementary 1
Raleigh Daniels Elementary 2
Raleigh Fairdale Elementary School 1
Raleigh Ghent Elementary 1
Raleigh Hollywood Elementary 1
Raleigh Independence High School 2
Raleigh Independence Middle School 2
Raleigh Liberty High 2
Raleigh Mabscott Elementary 1
Raleigh Marsh Fork Elementary 1
Raleigh Maxwell Hill Elementary 2
Raleigh Park Junior High 3
Raleigh Ridgeview Elementary 4
Raleigh Shady Spring Elementary 1
Raleigh Shady Spring High 3
Raleigh Shady Spring Middle School 2
Raleigh Stanaford Elementary 1
Raleigh Stratton Elementary 2
Raleigh Trap Hill Middle 2
Raleigh Woodrow Wilson High School 8
Randolph Beverly Elementary School 0
Randolph Coalton Elementary School 0
Randolph Elkins High School 0
Randolph Elkins Middle School 3
Randolph George Ward Elementary School 0
Randolph Harman Elementary/High School 0
Randolph Jennings Randolph Elementary School 0
Randolph Midland Elementary School 0
Randolph North Elementary School 0
Randolph Pickens Elementary/High School 0
Randolph Randolph County Alternative Center 0
Randolph Third Ward Elkins Elementary School 0
Randolph Tygarts Valley Middle/High School 2
Ritchie Creed Collins Elementary School 1
Ritchie Harrisville Elementary School 1
Ritchie Ritchie County High School 2
Ritchie Ritchie County Middle School 1
Ritchie Smithville Elementary School 1
Roane Geary Elementary/Middle School 2
Roane Roane County High 3
Roane Spencer Elementary School 1
Roane Spencer Middle School 2
Roane Walton Elementary/Middle School 1
Summers Hinton Area Elementary School 1
Summers Jumping Branch Elementary School 1
Summers Summers County High School 2
Summers Summers Middle School 1
Summers Talcott Elementary School 1
Taylor Anna Jarvis Elementary School 1
Taylor Flemington Elementary School 1
Taylor Grafton High School 3
Taylor Taylor County Middle School 1
Taylor West Taylor Elementary School 1
Tucker Davis-Thomas Elementary Middle School 1
Tucker Tucker Board of Education and Preschool Facility 1
Tucker Tucker County High School 1
Tucker Tucker Valley Elementary Middle School 1
Tyler Arthur I Boreman Elementary School 1
Tyler Sistersville Elementary School 1
Tyler Tyler Consolidated High School 3
Tyler Tyler Consolidated Middle School 1
Upshur B-U Middle School 1
Upshur Buckhannon Academy Elementary School 0
Upshur Buckhannon Upshur High School 3
Upshur French Creek Elementary 1
Upshur Hodgesville Elementary 1
Upshur Rock Cave Elementary 1
Upshur Tennerton Elementary 1
Upshur Union Elementary School 1
Upshur Washington District Elementary 1
Wayne Buffalo Elementary School 0
Wayne Buffalo Middle School 1
Wayne Ceredo Elementary School 0
Wayne Ceredo Kenova Middle School 1
Wayne CK Elementary School 0
Wayne Crum Pre-K 1
Wayne Crum Prek-8th 1
Wayne Dunlow Elementary School 0
Wayne East Lynn Elementary School 0
Wayne Fort Gay Pre K-8 0
Wayne Genoa Elementary School 0
Wayne Kellogg Elementary School 0
Wayne Lavalette Elementary School 0
Wayne Prichard Elementary School 0
Wayne Spring Valley High School 1
Wayne Tolsia High School 1
Wayne Vinson Middle School 1
Wayne Wayne Elementary School 0
Wayne Wayne High School 1
Wayne Wayne Middle School 1
Webster Glade Elementary School 1
Webster Hacker Valley Elementary School 1
Webster Webster County High School 3
Webster Webster Springs Elementary School 1
Wetzel Hundred High School 3
Wetzel Long Drain School 1
Wetzel Magnolia High School 4
Wetzel New Martinsville School 2
Wetzel Paden City Elementary School 1
Wetzel Paden City High School 2
Wetzel Short Line School 2
Wetzel Valley High School 3
Wetzel Wetzel County Tech Center 1
Wirt Wirt County High School 2
Wirt Wirt County Middle School 1
Wirt Wirt County Primary Center 0
Wood Blennerhasset Elementary 1
Wood Blennerhassett Middle School 1
Wood Criss Elementary 1
Wood Edison Middle School 1
Wood Emerson Elementary 1
Wood Fairplains Elementary 1
Wood Franklin Elementary Center 1
Wood Gihon Elementary 1
Wood Greenmont Elementary 1
Wood Hamilton Middle School 1
Wood Jackson Middle School 1
Wood Jefferson Elementary Center 1
Wood Kanawha Elementary 1
Wood Lubeck Elementary 1
Wood Madison Elementary 1
Wood Martin Elementary School 1
Wood McKinley Elementary 1
Wood Mineral Wells Elementary 1
Wood Neale Elementary 1
Wood Parkersburg High School 1
Wood Parkersburg South High School 1
Wood Van Devender Middle School 1
Wood Vienna Elementary 1
Wood Waverly Elementary 1
Wood Williamstown Elementary 1
Wood Williamstown High School 1
Wood Worthington Elementary 1
Wyoming Baileysville Elementary & MiddleSchool 1
Wyoming Berlin McKinney Elementary School 2
Wyoming Career and Technical Center 2
Wyoming Glen Fork Elementary & Middle School 1
Wyoming Herndon Cons Elementary & Middle School 1
Wyoming Huff Cons Elementary & Middle School 1
Wyoming Mullens Elementary School 1
Wyoming Mullens Middle School 2
Wyoming Oceana Middle School 1
Wyoming Pineville Elementary School 1
Wyoming Pineville Middle School 1
Wyoming Road Branch Elementary & Middle School 1
Wyoming Westside High School 3
Wyoming Wyoming County East High School 3