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Heart Safe Schools

Schools Role SCD

Role of the School in Preventing SCD

  • Schools are responsible for providing a safe platform for learning and sharing.
    • The average school-aged child spends 28% of the day and 14% of his/her total annual hours in school.
  • Schools have to prepare for medical emergencies
    • 68% of school nurses had to manage a life-threatening emergency requiring EMS activation Pediatrics
    • 35% of schools provided no CPR training nor could they identify staff members trained in CPR
  • Developing a campus-wide medical emergency response process ensures efficient access to emergency equipment and resuscitation.

Is my school “Heart Safe” designated?

“Heart Safe” Designated Schools

Cabell County

Village of Barboursville Elementary School
Highlawn Elementary School
Southside Elementary School 
Central City Elementary 
Meadows Elementary

Harrison County

Lincoln High School
United High School

Monongalia County

Brookhaven Elementary School
Cheat Lake Elementary
Clay-Battelle High School
Eastwood Elementary School
Mason-Dixon Elementary
Monongalia County Technical Education Center
Morgantown High School
Mountaineer Middle School
Mountainview Elementary School
Mylan Park Elementary School
North Elementary School
Ridgedale Elementary School
Skyview Elementary School
South Middle School
Suncrest Middle School
Suncrest Elementary School
University High School
Westwood Middle School

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